Caterpillar launches new 992 wheel loader, one and a half times more efficient than its predecessor 992K

Caterpillar is revamping its mining wheel loader range with the new Cat 992 wheel loader that claims 32% higher productivity, 10% lower maintenance costs and offers up to 48% more fuel payload. Efficiency than the earlier 992K.

Powered by the new Tier 4 Final / Stage V Cat C32B engine, the new 992 meets the needs of the global industry for high performance equipment with higher payloads. Transmission, axle and final drive design improvements and a new engine provide 20% longer component replacement intervals.

Offering both standard and high-lift configurations, the 992 offers the lowest cost per ton when combined with a fleet of Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks. Standard lifting capacities are up to 23.1 tonnes (25.5 tonnes) at the longwall and 27.2 tonnes (30 tons) for handling bulk materials, and the heavy lifting capacity reaches 20.4 tons (22.5 tons) and 24.5 tons (27 tons) for related applications. …

The new Z-bar linkage, optimized for increased productivity and improved wheel traction and breakout forces, delivers greater machine productivity and efficiency. The new 992 demonstrated 48% greater fuel payload efficiency in field trials when it was matched in four passes on the 90.7 tonne (100 tonne) trucks, compared to five passes on the 992K. Powerful and efficient, the 992 delivers 9.5% more traction while digging and up to 20% more breakout force, increasing productivity.

The new Cat 992 Wheel Loader features an On Demand Throttle Mode to optimize payload-to-fuel ratio without slowing production. New standard automatic deceleration controls disengage the impeller clutch, engage the lock-up clutch, and use the deceleration of the implement and fan pumps to decelerate the machine on grade. Available advanced automatic deceleration controls with engine braking allow full control of the loader speed on a grade to maintain the desired hold speed.

By automating critical elements of the digging cycle, optional new Autodig components further increase productivity and efficiency while reducing tire wear. To prevent slippage before it occurs, the tire anti-slip function reduces traction before the tires are installed and increases traction when a downward force is applied to the tire. The tire setting function detects pile contact and automatically lifts the pile to set the tires and increase traction. Lift Stall Prevention automatically adjusts digging traction to prevent hydraulic stall when lifting over the face, so the 992 spends less time in the pile.

The optional new Payload Overload Avoidance feature improves productivity and efficiency by providing a bucket large enough to be used to match target passes across a range of material densities without the risk of overloading. Since the overload value is fully adjustable based on the target payload, this function can be configured to automatically stop or slow down the lift function when the overload value is exceeded.

Improvements in rollback and impact angles, a longer bucket bottom, and a stronger and larger bottom increase the bucket fill factor by 10%. A taller side plate with a flat top surface helps improve visibility of the pile of material beyond the edge of the bucket.

Affordable operator training enables operators to exceed performance targets by measuring and providing feedback to educate them on correct operating procedures. Among other operating methods, this feature shows you how to properly shorten travel, avoid digging disengagement, enter the pile with a level bucket, lower dump height, and use a bump stop.

The redesigned Cat 992 wheel loader cab improves visibility, intuitive controls and next-generation technology that improves efficiency with easily accessible information. Its taller windshield increases glass surface area by 25%, resulting in a 10% increase in visibility. Operators will appreciate 50% more legroom and greater knee width in the cab.

The new 992 controls provide long shift comfort and are equipped with an electro-hydraulic speed sensor and force feedback. Two 254mm (10 “) color LED monitors display machine control and operating functions. A separate 203mm (8-inch) screen provides a dedicated viewing path for a standard rear-view camera, which can be supplemented with an optional 270-degree view and object detection.

The extended life of key components of the new 992 and improved service access can reduce service costs by up to 10%. Automatic lubrication of Z-bar connecting pins with reliable protection helps to ensure more reliable operation. The front bypass platform makes it easy to clean the cab windows. Two large openings on each side of the machine provide quick and easy access to the advanced cooling system, reducing cleaning time.

Improved hydraulic filtration and pump prediction of attachments reduce machine downtime. On a new loader, the remaining engine air filter life is displayed, allowing technicians to plan for machine maintenance in advance.

The service center, offering convenient and improved access to service items, has been relocated to the left side of the machine along with the fuel tanks. S ∙ O ∙ S SM liquid sampling ports are safely accessible from ground level, and filters are organized by type and change interval for improved service efficiency.