CEMO presents two-in-one tank solution for diesel and AdBlue

Mobile work machines such as tractors, excavators or forestry equipment and variable-position generators or water pumps today often work with environmentally friendly diesel engines that clean exhaust gases with the SCR (selective catalytic reduction) process. To eliminate nitrogen oxides, you need AdBlue®, i.e. urea solution, in addition to diesel fuel. Stocking, delivering and refilling two different supplies always and everywhere is logistically a major additional effort. A combination of two tanks, which the storage and tank manufacturer CEMO has developed for mobile use with SCR engines, now provides a remedy.

The mobile tank system consists of an outer drip pan made of three millimeters sheet steel with an internal (bio) diesel and AdBlue tank in a suitable size ratio. The user only has to transport and set up the combination container, and both operating materials can be easily refilled on site. The solution called DT-Mobil PRO PE COMBI is approved for transport according to ADR and can simultaneously provide up to 850 liters of diesel and 100 liters of urea solution or 980 and 200 liters as a ProST Combi.

Proven equipment options up to the tank data management system

The combination tank solution with dimensions of 130 x 115 x 130 centimeters (L x W x H) is available in different versions. Under a lockable, theft-proof cover with gas pressure spring, depending on the variant, there is a steel or polyethylene tank for diesel and the PE tank for AdBlue®. At just 365 kilograms, the PE version is significantly lighter than the more robust, around 530 kilograms steel version.

When equipping the two-in-one tanks, the user can choose between Basic, Premium and Premium plus versions. The former comprises a powerful electric pump, four meters of filling hose with an automatic nozzle, visual level indicator and leakage probe. The premium version includes an automatic hose reel with an eight meter hose as well as a fuel meter and a filter with a water separator. In the plus model there is also a counter with access control and tank data management system for up to 250 users including master and five user keys as well as a modem with GPS function for remote data transmission. An electronic level indicator completes the equipment.

By hand, with on-board power or 230 V pumps

Depending on the version, different pumps are available. The spectrum ranges from the energy-independent hand pump with 60 liters per minute to 12/24 VDC DC pumps to the 230 VAC AC pump with 85 or 72 liters per minute. The AdBlue® additional tank is equipped with its own pump, five meter filling hose and automatic fuel nozzle. For higher fuel requirements, the DT-Mobil Pro is also available as a pure diesel tank with a capacity of 980 liters. Since it is below the 1,000 liter limit, it can also be transported by drivers without an ADR certificate.