New features for Kramer telehandlers

The existing Kramer telehandler model range is now available with a new range of services and additional features. The models have undergone a technical development and new features and powerful engines with emission level V have been added.

“Our company impresses with innovative and customer-oriented product developments, which can also be found in the new telehandler models,” explains Christian Stryffeler, Managing Director of Kramer-Werke GmbH. “In addition to achieving the latest emissions standard, this further development focused primarily on the implementation of customer requirements with the aim of offering machines for professional agricultural use,” added the managing director.

Due to the EU emissions regulation, the Kramer telehandlers are now equipped with Stage V engines. The complete model range (KT276, KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT457, KT507, KT557, KT429, KT559) receives a multitude of new features in the same course. The models can be ordered now.

Kramer telescopic loader with emissions level V

The compact model KT276 reaches the EU emission level V with a 55 kW engine from Kohler and an exhaust gas aftertreatment with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particle filter (DPF). On the models KT306, KT356, KT307, KT357, KT407, KT457 (successor to the KT447), KT507 and KT429, the Deutz TCD 3.6 engine with stage V and 100 kilowatts of power is still installed, which fulfills the emission stage V. For this purpose, the exhaust gas aftertreatment with DOC and SCR is supplemented with a DPF as standard. The models with 5.5 tons payload, KT557 and KT559, receive the Deutz TCD 4.1 engine with stage V and 115 kilowatts as standard.

Everything in view outside

All-round visibility is a crucial element in the telehandler. Kramer now offers various options for optimal all-round visibility. Two cabin options are available for the compact models with a payload of three to four tons (KT306 to KT407) to ideally adapt the machine to the individual conditions of use. The vehicle with the standard cabin is predestined for low stables and passages. Due to its vehicle height of 2.31 meters, which can be reduced to 2.26 meters with 20 inch tires, cramped conditions do not pose a problem. If the maximum vehicle height is not a limiting factor, there is the option of an elevated cabin that is 20 centimeters higher, for optimal all-round visibility, especially to the right.

In addition to improved all-round visibility, the diesel tank in this cabin variant has been enlarged by 20 liters. In addition to the cab, the FOPS grille was also optimized to protect the driver against falling objects, so that the individual struts of the outer grille now bend outwards according to the angle of the eye. This makes it easier to have an undisturbed view of the attachment and thus safe, targeted work even with the telescopic arm extended, according to the company. The protective grille is part of the standard equipment for the performance classes from the KT457 to the KT559 and is optionally available with the elevated cab for models with a payload of three to four tons.

Comfortable and flexible working with Kramer

Thanks to a recess in the cabin floor and the stair-like arrangement of the steps, the easy cabin entry ensures greater safety and comfort for all vehicles, Kramer continues. For a lower and therefore more pleasant noise level, a so-called silence pump was installed, which reduces the models KT306 to KT559 to a noise level of only 72 decibels (A) in the cabin. The current model updates also include the introduction of a left armrest for more comfort e.g. for longer road trips. In addition to the comfort features mentioned, the models from the KT306 to KT559 offer a fourth type of steering, the “flexible crab”. The rear axle is blocked, but the front axle remains freely steerable.

Telescopic loader KT447 becomes KT457

The performance of the new KT457 has also been adjusted to better meet customer requirements. In addition to a payload increase of 100 kilograms
The ecospeedPRO transmission is now optionally available for 4.5 tonnes for maximum thrust in combination with a top speed of 40 km / h. The vehicle, which is designed for high handling capacity, absorbs lateral forces when pushed with the loading system lowered thanks to the lateral support of the telescopic arm. In addition, trailer loads of up to 20 tons are no problem.