Sieve, compact, mulch

In the run-up to the world’s largest open-air exhibition, bauma, editor Lukas Arnold takes a look at the market for excavator attachments in the current edition of AGRARTECHNIK. Some manufacturers specializing in this aim to aim to establish themselves even more strongly on the German market through new trading partners.

Gone are the days when the excavator could only be used to move the earth and handle bulk goods and the like. In the meantime, the machines have developed into universal tools. Mounted compactors, stone crushers, forest mulchers, demolition hammers and pliers, various grabs, separators and other attachments are now in use. AGRARTECHNIK had a look around at some manufacturers before bauma.

Berti wants to expand its dealer network

The company Berti offers flail and forestry mulchers for excavators from 1.5 to 40 tons and for skid steer loaders from 50 to 120 HP. “The latest device in the Berti Professional Line is the Park-FM, a forestry mulcher with vibrating tools for excavators from six to eleven tons. In addition, the attachments from 15 tons were revised. These have a new chassis and are now also available with a hydraulic flap. In the course of the year, the Land-SB will be joined by another model with an extra large passage, specially designed for water maintenance, ”reports Maximilian Wilmers, Managing Director of Wilmers Kommunaltechnik GmbH, German general importer of Berti devices. The housings of the Berti mulchers are made of Strenx high-performance steel.

The devices are driven by gear or piston motors with the patented Berti-Fluid Box. Forged shearbars are also installed, explains the managing director. The wear on the tools is minimized by using a hard metal. He also explains that there has been an increase in attachments in the midi excavator class in the recent past.

This is still going on. “Contractors, gardeners and landscapers, but also more and more municipalities want to use their equipment year-round. The trend is therefore towards universal devices and the market will continue to grow. This can also be seen in the area of ​​quick-change systems, as the number of requests for fully automated quick-change systems increases, which speaks for a variety of attachments for end users. It is important to get involved in these individual customer requests. This could include special fixtures, rotary heads, changeover valves, etc. ”

Around 40 percent of Berti products in Germany are sold through specialist dealers. Where you want to steadily expand the network of specialist dealers. “We are always looking for active and interested specialist dealers,” emphasizes Maximilian Wilmers.

The attachment manufacturer Lehnhoff Hartstahl GmbH will come up with numerous innovations at bauma. Including a symmetrical quick coupler for excavators from 22 to 32 tons. In addition, Lehnhoff presents the fully hydraulic Variolock quick-change system, which allows the excavator operator to change attachments in just a few seconds. Rainer Metz, Head of Marketing & Communication from Lehnhoff adds: “The system is available with an additional tilt function on request. Thanks to the fully hydraulic energy circuit coupling system, the driver can change all tools and their hydraulic connection from the cab at the push of a button – without any additional work or work interruption.”

The innovations also include the hydraulic HS Plus quick-change system for mini excavators from one to six tons, which Lehnhoff added a safety plus last year. The extension of the locking bolt on the HS models is signaled to the operator with a display pin on the quick coupler that is clearly visible from the cab. “With the HS Plus quick coupler, a release button also ensures that the latch is in the end position. The button is mechanically actuated by the fully latched attachment and only then releases the spring force hydraulically, which in the single-acting mini HS changer leads to the locking bolt being extended. In this way, the user can be absolutely sure that the implement and quick coupler are 100% connected to each other, ”reports the marketing manager.