One of the most interesting American manufacturers of construction equipment, LBX Company LLC is again ready to please with its new product. Here is the new Link-Belt LBX 210 X4 crawler excavator. This car belongs to the fourth generation “X4”, which replaces the models of the “X3” generation. Today, the X4 generation range includes the following hydraulic excavator models: 130 X4, 250 X4 Long Front, 160 X4, 300 X4, 350 X4, 250 X4 and the heaviest 490 X4.

In the world of people who know a lot about high-quality construction equipment, there is an opinion that machines from Link-Belt, like from Volvo, stand aside from most manufacturers. The main reason is high quality and the maximum number of possible functions.

The new Link-Belt LBX 210 X4 excavator has the following main characteristics – the operating weight of the machine is 22,200 kg. (complete with a 650 kg bucket, 3920 kg counterweight, 5.7 m boom, 2.94 m arm, and 800 mm tracks). The Isuzu AR-4HK1X engine acts as a power unit. With a working volume of 5200 cc. the motor has a capacity of 160 hp. This power unit has four cylinders, a high-pressure fuel rail with direct injection common rail, electronic injection control ECM, and in addition, an intercooler and a variable geometry turbine VGT impeller.

The engine is very economical and efficient. The powertrain of the new excavator meets the strictest Final Tier 4 emission standards. This significant figure was achieved thanks to a set of systems: Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR), Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

The extensive sensor package and advanced electronics in the new Link-Belt LBX 210 X4 excavator are responsible for controlling the Isuzu engine and Kawasaki hydraulic pumps. Thanks to the complex interaction, the machine has a shorter cycle time – 9% faster than the previous generation. In addition, the excavator is more economical – by 12%.