New short tail excavator

Zeppelin is presenting the new short tail excavator Cat 325 vin as ideal for heavy work in tight spaces. The short-tail chain excavator in the 25-ton class is characterized by its compact design. It offers first-class performance with integrated assistance systems to reduce driver fatigue and increase efficiency by up to 45 percent compared to previous models. The new excavator also enables lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and improved operator comfort.

With the standard or adjustable boom, an ideal adaptation to different attachments and a selection of quick couplers and spoons, the new 325 is a very versatile machine with a small footprint and high performance. Three counterweights are now available – one with 8.3 tons for the version with mono boom, which is designed for maximum lifting height, one with 6.7 tons for the version with adjustable boom and one with only 4.9 tons, which together with the Support dozer blade is used. The optional support dozer blade is designed to facilitate cleaning work and also serves as a stabilizer to improve lifting capacity.

The Cat Motor C4.4 has been extensively tested in practice and meets the latest emission standards of level V. It ensures efficient drive of the new excavator under the toughest conditions and reduces fuel consumption by up to 25 percent compared to the 325F. The exhaust gas aftertreatment system requires neither maintenance nor downtime. The new Cat short tail excavator has three selectable power levels to adapt the excavator to the job and to increase fuel efficiency.

The new machine is particularly easy to use. The new excavator has a keyless start button and access to the machine is restricted and tracked using driver ID codes. The driver can program and save preferred settings using his driver ID. The high-resolution touchscreen monitor allows intuitive and fast navigation and direct access to the operating manual.

The expanded hydraulic system of the new Cat 325 excavator ensures an optimal balance between performance and efficiency and enables the operator to have complete control for precise excavation and fast loading. The swing torque has been improved by 10 percent, which makes working on embankments easier. By automatically adjusting the engine speed and hydraulic power, the smart mode offers additional fuel savings of 5 percent without loss of productivity.

With the standard Smartboom function, the boom can be moved up and down without using the pump flow. This relieves the driver and reduces fuel consumption. The Cat Advansys bucket teeth can be exchanged quickly with a simple square key.

Assistance systems

With assistance systems as standard, which should reduce driver fatigue and operating costs (including fuel consumption and daily maintenance), according to the company, operating efficiency can be increased by up to 45 percent. With the standard Cat Grade system, up to four depth and pitch distances can be programmed in 2D.

With the standard leveling control, the operator can only stay on the level with single-lever control, while the bucket assistance functions automatically maintain the angle during chamfering, leveling, grading and excavation work. The innovative swiveling aid automatically stops swiveling the excavator at predefined locations, for example for truck loading or trenching, in order to reduce effort and fuel consumption. The boom assistant ensures a safe stand for lifting and heavy digging work.

The Cat Payload weighing system delivers precise load targets to avoid overloading and underloading and to maximize efficiency in truck loading. With Cat Payload and the Fleet Management VisionLink, companies use access to information and production targets.

Synchronized maintenance intervals

As Zeppelin emphasizes, the Cat Excavator 325 cuts maintenance costs by up to 20 percent compared to the 325F due to the longer and synchronized maintenance intervals. All maintenance checkpoints are accessible from the ground, which should make daily maintenance checks quicker, easier, and safer. The driver can conveniently monitor the filter life and maintenance intervals using the monitor in the driver’s cabin. Consolidated filter positions reduce maintenance time, while hydraulic, air and fuel tank filters have a higher capacity and therefore a longer service life. The new excavator also has an expanded air filter that can hold twice as much dust as the previous filter.